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Where Energy Meets Serenity


Relax in your choice of chair with either one of our lay-flat recliners and zero gravity chairs. TheEESystem™ units in the room generates multiple bio-active energy fields and 5th dimensional scalar fields which can have a multitude of possible benefits including cell detoxification, increased energy,improved immune function, pain relief and more.


Zen out in Rama meditation chair under a copper pyramid topped with a Lapis Lazuli cap stone. Meditation can reduce stress, improve memory and improve sleep. Spiritually, copper is said to have calming and positive energy while Lapis is a stone said to have the properties of spiritual enlightenment and inner wisdom. These elements blend together into a serene melody of mindfulness.


Revitalize with yoga, where spirituality meets energy and every breath becomes a sacred dance. Different classes focus on different forms, from holding poses in Candlelight Yin to increasing mobility in Chair Yoga, a harmony of healing and spiritual well-being awaits you on your mat.

Harmonize, Energize, and Revitalize: Your Oasis of Tranquility

Energy Lounge: Our Scalar Room

At Waverider we feature a 24 unit scalar room with units perfectly aligned within 1/100 of inch for maximum effect. The room itself is bathed in soft blue light with a 432 frequency music in the background. We’ve created a a tranquil space to recharge, find solace and prioritize your well-being. We offer a variety of experiences in our scalar room to bolster your personal path to wellness including meditation, yoga, or simply unwinding. Our spa-like EES Energy Lounge evokes a sense of calm and rejuvenation.


The Spa Room

Where Energy Meets Serenity

Located just down the hall from the Energy Lounge is the Spa Room where warmth and tranquility come together. This room serves as a relaxation station with a FAR infrared sauna and a pair of chairs where you can have your choice of foot baths.

FAR Infrared Sauna

Take a deep dive into self-care with a FAR infrared sauna session. Allow the deep, penetrating dry-heat and FAR infrared light to melt away your cares, leaving behind all that no longer serves you.

Ionic Foot Bath

Draw out and cleanse yourself of metals and toxins bogging your body down. Warm water will surround your feet as an ionizing machine charges the atoms in the water to neutralize pull out and neutralize negative toxins in your body.

*Not recommended for anyone with open sores, diabetic nephropathy, pacemaker or other implanted electrical device or on heavy mediation.

Detox Salt Foot Soak

Sink your feet into a warm basin of water where our premium detoxifying blend of sea salts will help to draw out toxins in the body. The perfect cherry on top after a session in our "Energy Lounge" that will elevate your wellness to the next level.


Our Services

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