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We’re excited to announce yoga will be coming to our scalar wellness center! Babs Whelton will be leading the yoga program and brings with her many years of practice, as well as teaching, to this Waverider offering.


Since becoming certified as a yoga instructor by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, in 2008, Babs has taught yoga on a full-time basis. She has shared the fundamentals of health, vitality and happiness through mindful movement and meditation at high schools (to both students and teachers), private fitness organizations, country club wellness centers and senior living facilities, as well as her individual clients. Her trademark is light-filled, deeply restorative and rejuvenating sessions.

Chair Yoga

A non-traditional form of Yoga that reduces strain on limbs and joints, as a chair replaces the yoga mat. Ideal for everyone, especially those recovering from surgery or illness. Also helpful to anyone with limited range of motion (which prevents getting up and down from the floor easily).

Yoga Stretch

Yoga-inspired stretches and twists, including breath work, to work the mind/body connection. Light-hearted and fun yoga class, using different styles and props, designed to restore union of body, mind, and spirit. Be prepared to let go of stress as your inner light shines bright!

Candlelight Yin Yoga

Relax into bliss with extended holds, as this class targets connective tissue to improve range-of-motion. Deeply meditative. Previous yoga experience is suggested, but not mandatory.


Our Classes

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