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Why We Do It

We believe it’s essential to invest in your health in order to enjoy a life full of joy, gratitude, and satisfaction. It’s this belief that guides our approach, including our services, teachings and treatments. At Waverider we focus on helping clients improve their well-being, and teach them tools to ensure they can maintain it too.We pride ourselves on the ability to change and impact lives in a positive way. We do so by offering a variety of services to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds.

Image by Alexey Marchenko


The Technology

The Energy Enhancement System™ (EESystem™) is an electronic set of computer units that generates multiple energy fields, including “scalar waves”. This technology was first developed over 20 years by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael based on the studies and science of Nikola Tesla. The toroidal and scalar fields generated by these systems are believed to promote wellness, relaxation, restoration of cells and cleaning of the body toxins.

EESystems are installed based on multiples of 4, with each set exponentially increasing the field's density and effectiveness. We are a perfect square location with our scalar room having 4 towers of 8 units for a total of 24 units. By teaming up with EESystem™ we seek to provide top notch scalar service with our caring and compassionate team.

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